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How common are resin crafts in life?

In life, we can often see some dolls or ornaments. I always thought that it was made of plastic materials. I learned that the crafts industry knows that it is wrong. In fact, those objects are made of resin materials. How is this resin crafts common in life?
When it comes to resin crafts, people who know it may think of various beautiful ornaments right away, but in fact, it is not just the crafts of these ornaments. The very popular children's dolls sold in the market are actually made of resin materials, just People don't pay too much attention to its material, even if it is just a plastic material.
Many of the daily necessities commonly found in people's lives are resin crafts, such as: resin tissue boxes, and tissue boxes made of resin materials are very common. Generally, for people with higher quality of life, the tissue boxes they choose are It's very different. From the appearance, the resin tissue box is much more beautiful than other ordinary tissue boxes. However, many people don't know much about its material. Many people think that it is a relatively high-grade plastic. Products only.
We often see a variety of styles of lucky cats in restaurants or other places of consumption. Most of them are made of resin. Many of them look like ceramics. They are resin crafts, but also because In the process of making, some other materials were added to the resin to make it change its appearance.
The material of the resin is magical. It is not limited by some external factors. In our life, there are actually many items made of resin, but we don’t know it. Resin crafts are just a few of them.