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Why can synthetic resin tiles replace traditional tiles?

Synthetic resin tile products are characterized by colorful and rich colors, so the construction companies can better use their design advantages to design the building to be more beautiful. At the same time, the synthetic resin tile can also effectively prevent fire, insulation and anti-pollution, and has a strong stereoscopic effect after construction, so it is now widely used in various buildings. So why can synthetic resin tiles replace traditional tiles?
1, the color can be selected bright and durable: the traditional cement tile or clay tile color is very single, although the glazed tile is more vivid, but the color is less. Synthetic resin tile manufacturers have carefully developed formulas that allow synthetic resin tile products to have rich colors. At the same time, they can be used outdoors to withstand ultraviolet light and are free from fear of cold and hot environments. They can still be used in a poor outdoor environment. Keep the color stable, so it won't fade to ensure a long-lasting vivid color. Therefore, it can effectively replace the traditional tiles to decorate the building. 2, good impact resistance is not easy to break: synthetic resin tiles because of the main use of synthetic resin, so in the impact performance has a good performance, so the use of the top of the building after an unexpected hit and collision will not easily break and occur Danger. However, traditional tiles, whether cement tiles or clay tiles or glazed tiles, are very easy to break, so they will gradually be replaced by new synthetic resin tile products. 3, good thermal insulation, cold insulation: due to the low thermal conductivity of the synthetic resin tile, it can play a good thermal insulation function to reduce the energy consumption to a certain extent for the users of the building. According to the test, the thermal conductivity of ordinary tiles is higher than that of synthetic resin tiles. Therefore, from the aspect of thermal insulation, the products produced by synthetic resin tile manufacturers can effectively replace traditional tiles. These three aspects are the main reasons why synthetic resin tiles can replace traditional tiles. In addition, the synthetic resin tile produced by the reliable synthetic resin tile manufacturer also has good waterproofness, which can effectively protect the building from rainwater, thereby improving the performance of the building and protecting the user from seepage. Leaking troubles.